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Comparing Boards

Basics of the Boards

All three popular word games, Scrabble, Lexulous, and Words with Friends, play on the same size board - a 15 x 15 square board. The board squares can be of five types with self explanatory impact:

  1. Plain squares - provide no multiplier effect and are the most common
  2. Double word score (DWS)
  3. Triple word score (TWS)
  4. Double letter score (DLS)
  5. Triple letter score (TLS)

However, the distribution of these squares among the three games is different for the TLS and DWS squares. The following table shows the distribution:

Square Type Scrabble Lexulous Words with Friends
Double Word 17 17 12
Triple Word 8 8 8
Double Letter 24 24 24
Triple Letter 12 8 16

Furthermore, it is not just the distribution that is different, the key differences lie in the arrangement of these special squares. In Scrabble, it is very difficult to hit more than one DWS or TWS square; however, on Words with Friends it is very easy to hit two DWS. It is also possible to hit a DWS and TWS with a single letter from the board and playing all seven from your rack in certain situations. The following pictures shows the different board layouts. The first is the basic Scrabble board.

Just in case

The following board is the Words with Friends board:
Just in case

The following board is the Lexulous board (older version):
Just in case

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