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Scrabble Quips and Quotes

What's in a word or, more aptly for the point of this article, what is the importance of words? They recommend, support, tear down, exemplify, mystify, and do all the things that actions alone cannot hope to accomplish.

Playing the game of Scrabble builds the power of words and our enlightenment of them. Is there importance to the letters on the board? Do a few tiles arranged haphazardly on the Scrabble board reveal anything of great consequence?

Ask Douglas Adams who interjected a relationship to the celestial truths of the universe. In "The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy," he elevates Scrabble as the vehicle to answer the age-old question, "What is the Meaning of Life?"

Not only is Scrabble a part of the irony of fiction, reflections of real life also pass across the board. This is evidenced in politics and its application through words and phrases. Irish politician Gerry Adams, becoming tired of how the British were languishing over words in the peace treaties between their two countries, made the comment, "This is not a game of Scrabble."

The popularity of the game leads many people to allude to it in connection with the interests they may have at the time. Music is a vehicle that changes with such regularity that it is impossible to project the next "hot" sound that young people will want to hear.

This is not gender or race related as it may have been generations go. Duke Ellington, who is a well-accomplished musician, once noted about a newer style, "Playing bop is like Scrabble with all the vowels missing."

Many well-known personalities and celebrities are avid Scrabble players. Queen Elizabeth, Sharon Stone, Keanu Reeves, and Madonna are just a sampling of them. Former President George W. Bush loves to play on his iPod, and President Obama has taken the time to play with family and associates on retreat.

It is not unusual for those in the news to make comments about their fascination with the game, as has Janet Street-Porter, the British television personality. She expressed her own infatuation with the game by saying it is more addictive than cocaine, champagne, and a certain type of sex.

If you want to have a quotable quote about your favorite game, be sure to use high point value letters somewhere in the phrase.

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